Dobru played an important role in the adolescent years of Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi. As a devoted amateur dancer, her involvement with cultural manifestations was part of her life. Dobru, spontaneously reciting his poem ‘Wan bon’ during one of the cultural manifestations, made a tremendous impression on her. As her teacher and High School director, and in the following years as the Minister of Education, the vision of President Ronald Venetiaan also had an enormous impact on the philosophy of life of Kit-Ling at that time. Both Dobru and Vene (as he was called) dreamed of a Utopia where people live in peace together with their own identity and their own culture; with knowledge of each others cultures and thereby showing respect towards each other.
Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi has been growing up to the standards of the Dutch colonisator with a flavour of both Creole and Chinese ingredients. Through the multi-cultural manifestations, she gets fascinated by all the different cultures of the society she lives in.
As the years go by, this multi-cultural issue is not so exciting anymore; it has become something very common. Being a hybrid herself, with Chinese, European and African roots, hybrid culture is asking for her attention. At the moment she is in search of the strength of hybridism.

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My Hybrid Heritage 2011

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